Unveiling the Magic of “Feeling Connected”: A Custom Painting by JekaArt

Take a moment to consider your relationship with art. Do you feel connected? Does it inspire you? Or do you simply scroll past beautiful paintings without ever stopping to appreciate them?

In this episode of JekaArt, we’ll talk about how my painting “Feeling Connected” came to life in a very unique way (it was custom ordered by Ly).

This is not a painting from my collection. It was created exclusively for my dear client

This painting was created specifically to help Ly feel connected to her true self by expressing the many sides of her personality that she has hidden away over the years.

First I had a small chat with her to connect energetically and get a sense of what needs healing in her. We also discuss the size of the painting and the deadline.

When I focus on someone’s energy field I get a sense of their problems, their pain, confusion, joy, happinnes and so on. And then I start painting.

All colors and patterns just flow intuitively while I create the painting

Colours in general show the feeling when we have a deep connection with ourself, when we are resonating with our inner spirit and we feel happiness, lightness and joy of life. Painting “Feeling connected” has combination of blue, pink, purple and green colors. Blue colour represents calmness, peace and harmony. Green colour represents natural surroundings or nature itself. Pink colour represents love and beauty which gives us feelings of tenderness and warmth as well as femininity. Purple represents royalty, luxury, wisdom and spirituality.

What feelings and emotions arised during painting process

When I started painting this piece, I was feeling a lot of uncertainty whether it is fine to make a change or not. It was hard to know what was going to happen and how things would turn out. But as I worked on this piece, it became clear that no matter what happens in life, there are always colors and joy of life—even if they’re hard to see at times.

I felt how fragile she was at times, how delicate her soul is, but also how strong it is too. Some little dots wanted to stay exactly where they were even if they didn’t feel perfect there. I feel like that was about accepting yourself as you are and not seeking idealism in life. Everything is as it has to be — eventually. Trust the process.

On this painting there is many colors and I feel like that is reflection of Ly’s soul. However it was rather a mysterious part of her, not everyone get to see all sides of her beautiful colorful soul.

Feeling nervous while handing the piece over to Ly

It’s always a bit nervous when a client recieves a painting or sees it for a first time. Specially as I do not know how the person will love it.

However I trust my intuitive art and all the colors and patterns that come through to assist my clients in healing process. There is no right or wrong, it’s just the way it’s meant to be to bring enlightment and love.

Feedback from Ly

JekaArt’s artworks are fascinating, there is magic in them. You can feel it just by looking at the paintings in real life. We are waiting for your exhibition! 😉

I ordered a custom painting that came with a channeled message. Jekaterina accurately captured everything as it really is without even knowing : my colors, patterns, me being accurate and sometimes inaccurate, my secret inner self and secret unawareness. Amazing! Mandala really works, I find peace and myself in it.

I hope this painting will work as a talisman and healer for you, dear Ly!

Dear Ly, I hope this painting will work as a talisman and healer for you! Thank you for trusting me to create this painting for you. I am grateful to be able to do this work with such wonderful people.

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