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Experience a world of soulful and transformative art therapy at JekaArt.

Our artwork is designed to uplift your soul and transform your environment. Discover a variety of styles, including dotting art, fluid art, mandala art, abstract art, and visionary art, to find the perfect piece that resonates with you and enhances your well-being.

Let the power of art and healing create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere in your space

Mandala art
Luxury home decor

Mandala art

Intuitively channelled paintings with mesmerizing mandala designs, perfect for meditation and relaxation and used as art therapy.

Flowing Energy

Visionary art

Unique and vibrant art that glows in the dark and illuminates with custom-made lights, featuring UV colors and surreal imagery.

fluid art

Abstract art

Expressive and bold pieces that evoke emotions and inspire creativity, with dynamic colors and textures to complement any interior.

Art Exhibition, St.Patrick’s Restaurant, Tallinn

Healing Universe Art Exhibition at St. Patrick’s Restaurant, Tallinn

Meet Jekaterina

Hi beautiful soul!

As an empath and sensitive artist, I create powerful works of art that tell a story and can help heal your soul. I use my intuition to paint realistic scenes inspired by my imagination, dreams, and visions, offering a unique perspective that’s sure to captivate you.

Browse my site to discover a suite of handmade art or order a custom commission today and enjoy the vibrant passion I bring to every creation. Start with your home art therapy today!

On this site you can find a whole suite of handmade art or order a commission. Enjoy!
Mandala art
Feminine energy mandala

Get your healing painting

Transform your space and uplift your mood with a healing mandala art piece. Fill out our free form today and receive a personalized painting channeled specifically for you. Let us create a masterpiece that supports your mental health and brings positivity into your daily life.

Grounding Energy

Art Commissions

Looking for a powerful tool to overcome life’s challenges? JekaArt’s healing mandala art offers personalized energy healing and transformation. Order now for your personalized art and start your healing journey.