Healing, Soothing, Uplifting


Feel which resonates

Each painting is infused with energy that brings more clarity, abundance, and harmony into your life.

Here you’ll find mandala art, abstract art, and visual art. Additionally, gift cards, art supplies, and more are available. Additionally, gift cards, art supplies, and more are available.

Feel which painting resonates with you.


Healing mandala paintings are created personally for you. By connecting with your energy field, I create a healing painting that balances or heals various areas of your life.

You can also order a painting as a gift for a dear friend.


Healing mandala painting and drawing are effective and fun ways to discover important personal information, balance yourself, heal, and tune in. In addition, this form of self-expression helps you learn to accept yourself as you are.

Previous skills are not required to participate. It is important to be open, sensitive, and creative.

Give yourself and a dear friend a creative journey.


I create art that carries not only colors and shapes but also deeper meaning.

Life has confronted me with several challenges, but creating art and exploring the world of mandalas has proven to be a wonderful way of healing.

Now I want to share it with you as well.

Jekaterina, JekaArt


A beautiful and powerful artist whose paintings are so vivid, healing, beautiful, and unique.

I've had this painting for over a year, and my heart sings every time I look at it.
When I first saw it, I felt it was created for me, so I bought it without hesitation.

Tiina Eik

JekaArt paintings are fascinating, they have magic. You can feel it specially, while looking at them in real life.
I ordered a painting, which came with a supportive message. Amazing! The mandala really works; it gives me peace and connection to myself. 💖

Ly Pani

I feel like I've manifested this wonderful healing painting. It truly made me gasp – as if the Universe had fulfilled my heartfelt wish!!!! For me, it just shows how big-hearted you are and that you really have a pure desire to help and inspire people! It's very, very beautiful!!!

Elina Allais

It's time to trust your heart.

If you feel that any of my paintings resonates with you and you would like to order a special one for yourself please get in touch.

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