Healing Universe Art Exhibition at St. Patrick’s Restaurant, Tallinn

Visionary art paintings have now traveled all the way to my hometown Tallinn. The “Healing Universe” art exhibition brightens up St. Patrick’s Restaurant, it’s located in the heart of Tallinn, (Narva mnt 5) and is a cozy and inviting place to be, especially during the fall season.

With the help of Ingrid, the restaurant’s friendly owner, I’ve placed my visionary art in just the right spots inside. Visionary art paintings have a cool trick – they glow! I’ve added special lights to make them shine and show their beauty.

And guess what? You can buy any painting that catches your eye. That’s right, you can take home a piece of the Healing Universe. This fall, join us at St. Patrick’s Restaurant to explore this amazing art. It’s a chance to see how art can change how you feel and make a place look stunning.

When you walk around the exhibition, you’ll see that all paintings glow with special lights. All paintings have custom made frames and lights built in them. Plus, I’ve picked nice textile cords to match the walls and make everything look fantastic.

“Healing Universe” art exhibition gives you a special feeling, like you’re in a place that’s peaceful and friendly. It’s not just for art lovers, it’s for anyone who wants to enjoy good food in a beautiful place.

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