My Story


Unexplainable experiences have surrounded me from the very beginning.

However, I couldn’t share or speak about them with anyone, and until my teenage years, I tried to overlook them. At one point, I discovered books about others’ mysterious experiences.

I read a lot about psychology, spirituality, and how to grow as a person. I realized life is bigger than we think and there’s so much to explore.

I’ve had the gift of clairvoyance since I was a child. I could see the what future held for others and over time, this gift became clearer. Now, I’ve combined my love for art with my gift to sense and see the other realms and that’s how JekaArt was born.

I’ve taken many courses to learn more about how our minds and spirits work. I’m always trying to learn and grow.

My soul

I’m wanderer, artist, philosopher, dreamer, believer.

I’ve had many interesting jobs while living in Estonia and abroad. I devoted myself to whatever my soul was drawn to and life surprised me with new lifechanging challenges.  Yet, upon completing university, I felt drained, with more questions than answers.

Setting aside societal expectations and hopes, I set my course towards Australia, where I resided for several years. Traveling to the other side of the world, I realized my small dreams like skydiving, voluntary work (teaching English in Vietnam), and other adventures.

While living in New Zealand, I survived a significant accident, which profoundly altered my life physically and spiritually. 


I’ve been involved with creativity since childhood.  I’ve been immersed in creativity since childhood, attending art school and various courses at the Academy of Arts of Estonia and even studies in London, England for a short term. Yet, my soul always harbored a deep fascination with the unseen world. As I nurtured my spirit through these experiences, I found myself drawn back to what I do from the heart.

Traveling the world has affirmed to me the importance of the energetic spaces we inhabit daily.   We are either charged or depleted of energy. 

The question is, what charges us and inspires us each morning?

Living in Australia, I felt a strong inner pull towards mandalas and learned to draw them. In New Zealand, I painted mandalas on surfboards and walls. Mandalas are portals that guide the soul’s journey, bringing indescribable balance when needed most. In addition to mandalas, I create abstract art and share my skills and knowledge through various workshops. 

The spiritual realm, counseling, motivating, and inspiring others have always been close to my heart. Understanding the connections between the visible and invisible worlds has gradually unfolded before me, expanding life beyond its initial appearance.



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Mandala kunstirännak avab sinu hingesoovid ja toob ellu pisut müstilisust.

Sobib ka neile, kes pole kunagi pintslit käes hoidnud. 

Olgu selleks tiimiüritus, tüdrukuteõhtu, babyshower, sünnipäev või koosviibimine sõbrannadega. 

Kui kõnetas. siis usalda enda sisetunnet ja arutame täpsemalt.