Privacy policy

  1. General
    • The privacy policy of Fehu Capital OÜ applies to the website managed by Fehu Capital OÜ.
    • Fehu Capital OÜ is committed to protecting the privacy of website visitors and customers who purchase goods or services through the website. Accordingly, these privacy policy principles have been developed, which address the collection, use, disclosure, transmission, and storage of data of visitors and customers (hereinafter also referred to as data subjects).
    • Fehu Capital OÜ’s activities on the internet are in accordance with all relevant activities and the respective laws of the European Union and the Republic of Estonia.
    • To be aware of your rights and obligations regarding the processing of personal data, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with Fehu Capital OÜ’s privacy principles.
    • By starting to use the Fehu Capital OÜ website, it is considered that the visitor or customer has read and agreed to these principles and conditions.
  1. Collection of Personal Data
    • The personal data collected by Fehu Capital OÜ includes:
      • Personal data provided by the data subject to Fehu Capital OÜ (name, email address, postal address, phone number, preferred method of contact);
      • Data resulting from the usual communication between the data subject and Fehu Capital OÜ;
      • Personal data clearly disclosed by the data subject (e.g., on social media);
      • Personal data generated during the use of services (e.g., when purchasing from Fehu Capital OÜ’s online store);
      • Personal data resulting from visiting and using the website (e.g., time spent on the website);
      • Personal data obtained from third parties;
      • Personal data created and combined by Fehu Capital OÜ (correspondence or list of order history in the context of customer relationships).
  1. Collection of Other Data
    • For statistical purposes, Fehu Capital OÜ collects information about website visitors (number of visitors, time of visit, duration, etc.).
    • This information is not linked to a specific individual but provides statistical information that Fehu Capital OÜ can analyze to improve the functionality of the website. This data is used for marketing and customer service purposes and may be provided to a third party for data processing purposes while maintaining visitor anonymity.
  1. Cookies
    • Fehu Capital OÜ uses cookies; therefore, these must be enabled in the browser settings. When visiting, the website reads the cookie settings, displaying the page according to the settings previously selected by you. This is necessary, for example, to keep your shopping cart, wish list, pre-saved delivery addresses, etc., when logging out.
    • Cookies are completely secure text files that the website leaves on your computer for the aforementioned reasons. This text file can be deleted, but it cannot be executed by anyone, and therefore there are no risks to the computer.
    • If your web browser is set to automatically block cookies or to warn you when a website uses cookies, then the website will not function with full functionality.
  1. Use of Collected Personal Data
    • By using collected personal data, Fehu Capital OÜ can inform customers about product news, promotions, and upcoming events. A customer who does not wish to be on Fehu Capital OÜ’s mailing list or receive notifications about products or services of interest to them can remove themselves from the recipient group at any time by making the necessary changes in their account details or by informing Fehu Capital OÜ of their desire to be removed from the newsletter list.
    • For better customer service, Fehu Capital OÜ may disclose information about individual users to a third party providing services to Fehu Capital OÜ and who is contractually obligated to keep the shared information confidential. Third-party examples include postal service providers or intermediaries, IT partners.
    • Fehu Capital OÜ ensures that customer personal data is not used for illegal purposes.
  1. Protection of Personal Data
    • To protect the collected customer personal data, Fehu Capital OÜ implements all precautions (including administrative, technical, and physical measures).
    • Access to data for modification and processing is only available to authorized personnel.
  1. Security
    • All customer personal data obtained during the visit to and purchase on Fehu Capital OÜ’s website is treated as confidential information.
    • Encrypted data transmission channels with banks ensure the security of the purchaser’s personal data and bank details.
  1. Privacy Policy Terms and Changes
    • Fehu Capital OÜ reserves the right to change the general terms of the privacy policy as needed, informing all registered customers accordingly.
    • Fehu Capital OÜ ensures that regardless of any changes, the legal protection of visitors’ and customers’ personal data is always ensured.
    • For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy or data processing, please contact us at [email protected].
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