Cosmic woman


There she stood – a woman of indomitable spirit and unwavering strength. Her presence commanded respect, and her actions spoke of courage and wisdom. She was the embodiment of the ancient knowledge passed down through generations, carrying the wisdom of her ancestors in every step she took.

Her eyes, like windows to the soul, glimmered with the fire of determination, revealing a deep connection to the earth and the cosmos. Her hands, skilled in both nurturing and protecting, were the very essence of life-giving energy and fierce resilience.

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  • Dimension: 50x60cm (19.68×23.6″)
  • Support: canvas mounted on frame
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Painting is mounted on extra frame with LED UV strip+ power +Remote Controller (to regulate the intensity of the light) + textile cord.
  • The piece is signed in front
Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple