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Welcome to JekaArt store

We believe that there is a deep connection between our soul, our spirit, and our body — and that connection is only strengthened when we are able to connect with something larger than ourselves.

We take great pride in providing our clients with pieces that reflect their unique styles and personalities.

You can choose the style that resonates to you the most. Whether it is dotting art, fluid art, mandala art, abstract art or trippy art.

Home decor painting
Luxury home decor

Mandala art

Mandalas represent a spiritual journey. Once you have reached the center of the mandala you have gone from ordinary mind to an enlightened mind.

Flowing Energy

Trippy art

Captivate your mind in transcendental meditation in which the surge of divine conciousness is fully manifested. Fabulous paintings glow in ultraviolet light.

fluid art

Abstract art

It is well known that abstract art is an ideal medium for communicating spiritual realities for a number of reasons.The purpose of this is to take the viewer out of the world they think they know so that they can focus their contemplation on symbols, the experience of the work, or its meditative nature.

Meet Jekaterina

Hi beautiful soul! As a spirit full of passion, I am filled with a drive to create art, to travel, and to engage in all things that are vibrant and powerful to feed my passion for life.

My passion for art began when I was 8 years old. There has been no turning back for me since that time, and I now take my art supplies along with me wherever I go, taking inspiration from some of the most enlightening places around the world.

On this site you can find a whole suite of high quality original art or order a commission. Enjoy!

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NEW Art Prints now at our store

We are happy to announce that our art store now offers art prints. Be sure to check out!

We are all connected dotting art
In general, your house should be filled with the things you cherish the most, including pieces of art that uplift you or make you smile. 
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Art Commissions

At JekaArt, we understand that sometimes you want something more than store-bought for your special occasions. That’s why we offer personalized artwork designed specifically for you