I am so grateful

I wanted to thank you once again for yesterday’s wonderful workshop! It was exactly what I was expecting from this workshop and so much more. I feel that the healing process is already underway, and the mandala started working as soon as I picked up the brush. I am so grateful that I found this workshop, that I was able to attend (since my car decided to break down just now, and I found a friend who could lend me a car), and that I could give myself such a fantastic birthday gift! When I got home, I just stared at the mandala for a long time, and when I went to sleep, I couldn’t wait for the morning to see my own created art again. It hasn’t found its permanent place in my home yet; for now, it goes from room to room with me where I am currently working. And it’s just amazing how satisfied I am with the visual result because, as I mentioned, I am very critical of myself even in my best creative works; there always seems to be something missing. But this mandala is just perfect! I look at it and rejoice from the bottom of my heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤