Painting Mandala Workshop

Do you remember the last time you held a paintbrush? ✨ Have you ever dreamed of painting on a canvas but never dared to try? 🌀 Mandalas have always fascinated you, and you’ve admired their mysterious beauty?

Now is the perfect time to unleash your inner artist and dive into the magical world of mandala painting! I invite you to participate in an exciting Mandala Painting Workshop.

Why this workshop?🖌️
  • Experience a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Learn to create beauty and meaning on your canvas.
  • No prior painting experience required. Learn step by step. Level 1,2,3 available.
  • Discover how art can be therapeutic and inspiring. Can you already feel the excitement and the need to free your hands through the process of painting? This workshop allows you to experience the wonder of art and the power of self-expression.
While painting mandalas, you will:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Improve focus and attention.
  • Balance both hemispheres of your brain.
  • Test your patience.
I’ll introduce both theory and practice:
  • Mandalas’ art, symbols, and the meaning of colors.
  • Painting techniques.
  • How to create guidelines, measure, and achieve symmetry.
The workshop includes:
  • A cozy space.
  • Snacks, tea, and coffee.
  • All necessary materials (acrylic paints, a 30cm round canvas base, various markers, and brushes, and more).
  • At the end of the workshop, you’ll have created a unique 30cm Mandala.
Painting Workshop

Discover the Artistic Magic

Basics of mandala art, color theory

Working with brushes, paints

Creating mandala framework

Painting background

Mandala pattrns and shapes

Introducing 4 symbols

Painting Workshop

Elevate Your Skills

Detailed knowledge of colors

Deepen brush skills and painting techinques

Perfect background painting techniques.

Explore more patterns and symbols.

Introducing all other symbols

Painting Workshop

Unlock the Ultimate Artistry

Mastery of mandala art and color.

Precision in framework making

Advanced background painting

Focusing on 1 specific symbol, learning to paint it

Advanced patterns and techinques

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