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Jeka Art creation purpose is to allow to be connected to the higher realms of the universe and yourself. Each creation has it’s own magical vibration and lightcodes that are channeled through my higher self while made. Jeka Art has combined dotting art, fluid art, mandala art and abstract art.

Interest in dotting art and mandala art was born while living in Australia and New Zealand. Often when I am painting mandalas, I find that memories or emotions come up which desire being worked with and allow me to access my subconscious through a meditative trance-like state. While in this state I am able to lock these lightcodes into the painting. Lightcodes help you to focus on the same vibration so you could let go of and release that which is ready to be released. This is a very therapeutic practice which can be experienced while just having one of these creations around yourself and even more effectively while meditating through it or looking at it.

My higher self has an access to multiple universes and I bring through totally unique lightcodes each time depending on the energy that needs to be healed and released.

Have a look at the webshop for my original abstract art.

If you feel like you would like to get a painting that’s personally channeled to you, (something custom made) please do not hesitate to contact me!

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