Infinite sides of love

Infinite sides of love

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This is a custom made painting. Custom made painting has a specific intention and carries a vibrational message that is intended to assist you in healing, accessing knowledge, removing blocks on your spiritual path, inspire you to live your purpose and help you step into your power.

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  1. Vello

    And I bow before You, Your painting is wonderful. When I look at it, I have the feeling that it is an old good friend who has been away for a long time and now has returned and has taken a safe place in my life and watches how I manage and smiles approvingly when I am doing well and when I am doing badly, he does not criticize but smiles benevolently even then. But he acts in such a way that the negative and bad things that I have and still have do not come out anymore, this dark side of me is quietly ashamed, because he understands that he is being closely watched, and let him be ashamed on top of that. So once again, thank you very, very much for being there and doing such wonderful things.

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