Spirit Animal – Elephant


Meaning of this painting:

Different cultures have different animal symbolism. In Asia, the elephant is a powerful symbol. They are seen as good luck, a bringer of prosperity, and a force for good against evil. Elephants are also seen as symbols of strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality.

In India, there are millions of temples dedicated to the Elephant God. This god has the head of an elephant and the body of a young boy. He is the child of Shiva – the sustainer of the Universe.

Childless women are known to place stones on the backs of these statutes with the belief that doing so can help them give birth to a son.

African shamans believed that elephants symbolized victory and triumph. The elephant was seen as a powerful creature that could help lead the way to success.

The bond that connects spirit animals with humans has been recognized for centuries. When we find ourselves connected to a spirit animal, it is believed that we do not choose our own spirit animal; the spirit animal chooses us. By creating a bond with our spirit animals, they can offer healing or “medicine” in the form of guidance, protection, power, or wisdom. We are not limited to one spirit animal in a lifetime; we can have multiple spirit animals come in and out of our lives and each provide us with unique knowledge.

Did you know ?

This is an original acrylic painting on canvas that has been wrapped in premium gallery wrap.

This painting glows in dark with the  UV lights turned on.

Painting is carefully packed by professional who has experience protecting fine art.

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  • Dimension: diagonal 23 cm (9.05″)
  • Support: canvas mounted on frame.
  • Top cover: high quality varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the artpiece
  • It’s a unique painting
  • The piece is signed at the back
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • This painting glows in dark with the  UV lights turned on.
Dimensions 23 cm

Black, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow