Spirit animal Eagle – art print


Meaning of this art print:

Eagle, as your spirit animal, is a symbol of change. The winds of change are heading your way and eagle is here to help prepare you. inner strength and fortitude will see you through whatever changes come your way.

Eagles are known for their majestic flying abilities and their powerful hunting skills. Their spirit animal is one of strength, courage, and determination. Those with the eagle totem animal are said to be able to achieve great heights of success. They are natural leaders with a propensity for taking risks. They are also down-to-earth, keeping one foot on the ground even as they soar to new heights.

The bond that connects spirit animals with humans has been recognized for centuries. When we find ourselves connected to a spirit animal, it is believed that we do not choose our own spirit animal; the spirit animal chooses us. By creating a bond with our spirit animals, they can offer healing or “medicine” in the form of guidance, protection, power, or wisdom. We are not limited to one spirit animal in a lifetime; we can have multiple spirit animals come in and out of our lives and each provide us with unique knowledge.

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  • Created on the finest, heavyweight paper with professional studio printers.
  • 100% cotton rag paper, smooth matte velvety finish
  • Size 21 x 30 cm which is perfect for finding a frame around it.
  • Hands should be freshly cleaned and dry before opening.
  • Frame not included.
  • If you want a truly luxurious finish and enjoyment, ask your framer for museum quality non-reflective glass.
  • Please allow up to 7 business days for us to process your order and make sure everything is perfect. It will be 100% worth the wait
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