Eagle consciousness

I will swirl through your body to seek for any unsolved and tangeled spots through all your lives.

I am here to stay, once and for all. It all has been too long since you looked into yourself. Eagle consciousness is about seeing with the totality of your being, not getting stuck on the singular, the detail, it’s seeing and feeling at the same time, alert of eye, yet relaxed of mind, getting high above our lives to see an overview in space & time, to perceive the bigger picture of your life.

This is a time to journey inward into the dark and hidden places of your soul to reconnect with the ancient earth wisdom. You can also create a sacred and intimate space in the dark by lighting a candle. Observe what emerges and, without judging it, invite it to bring you it’s gifts.You are being offered an opportunity to shed and heal from the aspects of your life you have outgrown. Do not worry that you will be consumed by the process.

Life is offering you a second chance. Take it, since this chance may not come your way again for a while. Gift yourself time to be with your darkness – your fears, your pain, and your seeds of beautiful potential – until you come out the other side free, wise, and full of creativity.

  • Dimension: 20x20cm (8″×8″), 30x30cm (12×12″), 20x20cm (8″×8″)
  • Support: canvas mounted on frame
  • Finish: high quality epoxy resin to protect and ensure the longevity of the artpiece
  • It’s a unique trio painting
  • The pieces are signed in the back
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity