Mandala art

Who am I

I am Jekaterina, a passionate artist and traveler from Estonia, North Europe.

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What I do

I offer intuitively channeled healing paintings that help you tap into what’s inside of yourself.

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Why I do it

To help to take your mental health and well-being to the next level.

My mission

My hope is that Jeka Art will help you reconnect with yourself, your environment and the universal energies around you.

Each of my creations is unique expressing its own magical vibration and energy, helping to bring balance, clarity and insight.

Transformation mandala

Explore my art styles

I find that, with Mandala art you can calm the mind and relax the body, improve the focus and activate creative part of your mind.

Dotting art is great for finding inner peace. It gives the opportunity to be totally mindful, letting your focus rest on a single point and breathing in each moment.

Fluid and abstract art is all about staying present and being aware of how colours blend together to form new shapes. Focusing on these paintings help you release tension, heaviness and old emotions.

Trippy art allows you to explore the mysteries of being by looking at the fractal patterns that are present. The sacred canvas is full of hidden meanings and secrets, it is only necessary to open your perception to discover the true essence of reality.

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What is special about JekaArt ?

Healing lightcodes can be encoded into the paintings I create.

Lightcodes appear to me as shapes or colors, and can sometimes be seen clairvoyantly or heard clairaudiently as I create art. Each shape and color on the painting is channeled through and contain healing energy, thoughts, messages and emotions.

I find that just having one of my paintings around me can make a huge difference. Plus, when I meditate through the painting or look at it, it’s effects are even more powerful!

Let’s connect

Thank you for taking the time to understand Jeka Art. I hope that my creations will help you create your own unique connection with the divine realms and become empowered on your journey. Let us all continue to bring light and love into the world together.

Grounding Energy


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